A picture is worth a thousand words; let me share my novel with you.


The world is a breath-taking place. I am awestruck by so many of the places I've been and images I've 

been able to capture. 



We all have varying opinions on art have a look at some of mine and some that inspires me.


I have always felt energy from motion pictures. The way movement inspires a story facinates me..

FilmMaker, Photographer, Editor


Welcome to my website,  This is my corner of the internet where i share what keeps the blood flowing through my veins, I realise in todays fast paced society everyone is trying to sell something, so i am trying to sell my perspective haha. This website is about me (selfish i know) the outlook I have on the world around me, I have a passion for perspective and love seeing the world in new and unique ways.

I have a background in Filmmaking, Photography, Post-Production and love art in its various forms.  I will try my best to regularly update this site with new and interesting information.

I hope you like what you see as you explore the following pages and if you want to get in touch send me a email on:


Thanks for stopping by.

Tim James.